Calling the Unqualified


I’m going to be real with you guys…I messed up this weekend. I knowingly and actively ignored the cries of caution from the Holy Spirit inside of me as I took yet another stride into the darkness. When I woke the next morning, I felt deeply ashamed. How had I let this happen? How had I allowed myself to make the same mistake I had sworn so vehemently never to make again? Continue reading

The Lonely Generation


“Mass society consists of atomised people, people who lack any meaningful or morally coherent relationships with each other. The links between them are said to be purely contractual, distant and sporadic rather than close, communal and well integrated,” Dominic Strinati (2004).

Loneliness. It’s everywhere these days. In fact, it is so prevalent that it is how modern theorists have come to characterise our current society. How is that, in a time when every effort has been made to make us more instantly connected, we are feeling more isolated and alone than ever before? Continue reading